Best Ideas What Can Toddlers Make For Christmas Gifts

35 Best What Can Toddlers Make For Christmas Gifts

Just hear those sleigh bells ringing and your total is groaning too (ring-a-ling-a-ding-dong-ding!). Yes, the festive season is filled with joy, but no dose of the Christmas spirit can easily entertain a restless toddler on a cold day. Christmas is a time to give and often homemade gifts are loved by family and friends. So what can toddlers make for Christmas gifts? This collection of great ideas includes many Christmas gifts that kids can make for parents, grandparents, and teachers. Help your kids create unique gifts they can give to others for Christmas.

35+ Best What Can Toddlers Make For Christmas Gifts

Summarize the best what can toddlers make for Christmas gifts for parents to refer to

1. What can toddlers make for Christmas gifts? Decorate a picture frame ornament and insert a photo of the child. It will be treasured by the receiver for years and years.

2. How about a little pampering gift for an aunt or grandma? These yummy smelling bath salts are so easy for kids to make. Even toddlers can mix it up easily!

3. For moms, aunts, and grandmas, how about a handprint apron? (Simply Kierste)

4. If Dad loves baseball, he will love this “my heart belongs to Dad” baseball plate. (All Fired Up)

5. Grandparents love keepsakes! This handprint poem can be framed and enjoyed for many years. (Living Montessori Now)

6. Do you know someone who loves birds? These shaped bird feeders are easy for little fingers to make, and hang nicely outdoors for our feathered friends. (Messy Little Monster)

7. Instead of just sending photos to someone special this Christmas, add a kid-made photo holder with them. (Teach Me Mommy)

8. What can toddlers make for Christmas gifts? Let your toddler put stickers on baubles for a pretty Christmas ornament gift. (My Bored Toddler)

Best What Can Toddlers Make For Christmas Gifts
Best What Can Toddlers Make For Christmas Gifts – Best Ideas for toddlers christmas presents

9. Show the love with these fingerprint heart ornaments. (Mum in the Mad House)

10. Sharpies and white ceramic tile make a nice coaster gift. (Paging Fun Mums)

11. Kids love to make jewelry for special people! How about letting them make salt dough necklaces and bracelets? (Red Ted Art)

12. An office is not complete without a painted rock paperweight, especially when made by a little special person. (Happy Hooligans)

13. Draw on fabric and secure in an embroidery hoop for a special wall art piece. (Mama Papa Bubba)

14. Adults can help kids make glycerin soap to wrap as Christmas gifts. (Gift of Curiosity)

15. Mom or Grandma would love a ring dish made by a child! (Mama Papa Bubba)

16. Craft sticks glued around a can make a nice personalized pen holder. (My Little Bookcase)

17. Recycle broken crayon pieces to make colorful melted crayon rocks. (Red Ted Art)

18. Do you know someone who loves their garden? Make a wind chime from an old gardening pot! (Sugar Spice and Glitter)

19. Remember Shrinky Dinks? Kids can make cute keyrings with them! (Messy Little Monster)

20. These DIY hand painted votives are so easy that even toddlers can make them. (Rhythms of Play)

21. Beaded Napkin Rings by Buggy and Buddy – Kids who enjoy beading will have a blast making these table decorations as gifts.

22. Watercolor Bookmarks by Let’s Explore – What a great way to take kids’ art to make a useful gift.

23. LEGO Photo Pen Holder by LalyMom – Children who love building with LEGO bricks will enjoy making this pen holder. It’s a great gift for kids to make!

LEGO Photo Pen Holder
Best What Can Toddlers Make For Christmas Gifts – LEGO Photo Pen Holder

24. DIY Clay Bowls by Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails – These lovely bowls are easy to make, and I know mamas will love using them every day.

25. Tie-Dyed Bookmarks by Happy Hooligans – Look at those colors! Who wouldn’t love receiving this homemade bookmark as a present?

26. Styrofoam Printed Cards by The Artful Parent – A set of handmade cards would be the perfect gift for the letter writers in a child’s life. Or keep them on hand to use as, for example, birthday cards for family members.

27. Personalized Notebooks by Mum in the Mad House – Prolific writers and note-takers would get a lot of use out of these homemade books.

28. Homemade gifts from toddlers: DIY Computer Wrist Rest by Pink Stripey Socks – Such a cheerful wrist rest! Even more meaningful because it’s made from a child’s art.

29. Sharpie Art Coasters by Paging Fun Mums – These colorful coasters would surely look like works of art in someone’s living room! They’re so easy and fun!

30. Tinted Mason Jars by Hands On As We Grow – Children can easily create these colorful mason jars! The jars can house, for example, coins, pencils, tools, and lots more!

31. Felt Embroidered Coffee Cup Cozies by CraftWhack – For kids who like to sew and embroider, these look fun to make!

32. Eco-Friendly Printed Napkin by The Brashear Kids – Let kids turn a basic napkin into something with more pizzazz! A great gift for those who like to entertain, for example!

33. Washi Tape Wooden Bracelets by Mama Miss – These bracelets look beautiful, and I’m sure adults and kids alike would enjoy receiving them as a present.

Washi Tape Wooden Bracelets by Mama Miss
Best What Can Toddlers Make For Christmas Gifts – Washi Tape Wooden Bracelets by Mama Miss

34. Homemade gifts from toddlers: Polymer Clay Beads and Jewelry by Babble Dabble Do – These beautiful, colorful beads can be used to make some gorgeous jewelry to give as gifts!

35. What can toddlers make for Christmas gifts? Shrinky Bracelet by Rust & Sunshine – Kids can explore shrinky art while creating a wearable gift.

Above are the Best What Can Toddlers Make For Christmas Gifts that you can make at home with your kids. Let your children have a meaningful Christmas with your family and they will surely love and look forward to each Christmas.

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