Interesting Things About Movie Time For Them To Come Home For Christmas

Interesting Things About Movie Time For Them To Come Home For Christmas

Do you have any plans for this Christmas? If not, we recommend a movie that you can consider choosing to watch this Christmas: Time for them to come home for Christmas. It’s a movie that gets you hooked with good acting, a gripping mystery, a sound wave of Americana, and an interpretation of the Christmas spirit that makes it hard to resist.

We have compiled exciting information about this time for them to come home for a Christmas movie. Let’s explore it together!!

What Is Hallmark Movie Time For Them To Come Home For Christmas About?

The beginning of the story is the context of a girl having an accident and temporarily losing her memory. She was taken to the emergency room alone at a hospital far from the city. This time is 10 days away from Christmas.
According to internal documents, the woman was known as “Jane Doe”. Lying in the hospital alone with no one to ask about her true identity, the girl searched around and got an important clue. It was a torn newspaper with a Christmas carnival in Charleston. Accompanied by a mysterious note: “Please come, Mark”.

This is the only clue, so she believes that getting to the festival in time in the newspaper will help her regain her memory, Jane has made a bold decision. It’s the adventure of taking a long car ride with the help of Paul, Jane’s hardworking nurse. Coincidentally, Paul was driving home to his home in North Carolina to celebrate the Christmas holidays.

While Jane is desperate to make the trip, she finds that Paul is reluctant to reach his destination and that she’s not the only person in the car grappling with their personal history. The pair grow closer during their journey, but their feelings are complicated by the mystery surrounding Jane’s identity and what – or who – might be awaiting her at the festival.

Once at the rendezvous point, each person on the trip will solve the secrets of the past. And that could be the key to opening the door to building their new future.

What Is Time For Them To Come Home For Christmas About
What Is Time For Them To Come Home For Christmas About

Cast Of Time For Them To Come Home For Christmas 

Jessy Schram is Jane. Her credits include “A Nashville Christmas Carol” (her Christmas bookmark from last year), “Chicago Med” (Dr. Hannah Asher), “Country at Heart,” “Amazing Winter Romance,” “Road to Christmas,” “The Nine Lives of Claw,” “Royal New Year Eve,” “Once Upon a Time” (Cinderella), “Nashville” (Cash Grey), “The Lizzie Borden Chronicles,” “Falling Skies” (Karen Nadler), “Mad Men” (Bonnie), “Last Resort” (Christine), “Life” (Rachey Seybolt), “Medium,” “Veronica Mars” (Hanna), series “Jane Doe” (Susan) Davis), etc.

Brendan Penny is Paul. He’s perhaps best known to Hallmark fans for his role as Kevin O’Brien on “Chesapeake Shores.” His other credits include “Seduction Bracelet,” “Secret Ingredients,” “BH90210” (Wyatt Jackson), “Vineyard” series, “Motive” (Brian Lucas), “Easter Under” Wraps,” “Along Came a Nanny,” “The Runner” (Josh), “True Heroines” (Calvin), “The Dark Corner” (Brian Lucas), “The Assistants” (Danny), “Stargate: Atlantis” ( Todd the Wraith), “Smallville,” “Whistler” (AJ), etc.

Lochlyn Munro is Sheriff Crowley. His credits include “Peacemaker” (Larry – premieres 2022), “Riverdale” (Hal Cooper), “The Chronicle Mysteries” (Billy), “The Crossword Mysteries” (Morgan), “The Good” Doctor,” “A Romance Wedding,” “Take Two,” “The Mystery of Garage Sale,” “Beyond” (Ken Sheldrake), “Dating My Dad,” “The Great Crimes,” “Lucifer,” “When Calls the Heart,” “Arrow,” “Cedar Cove,” “Secret Contact,” “True Justice” (Mark Simms), “Charmed” (Jack Sheridan 1999-2000), “Two” ( Agent Andrew Forbes), “Hawkeye” (McKinney), “Northwood” (Jason), and many more.

Time For Them To Come Home For Christmas Cast
Cast Of Time For Them To Come Home For Christmas

Also included are the following:

  • Brendon Zub (Mark)
  • Lisa Durupt (Annie)
  • April Amber Telek (Roberta)
  • Agnes Tong (Amy)
  • Alix West Lefler (The Girl / Casey)
  • Paula Giroday (Katie)
  • Drew Henderson (Jack)
  • Dalias Blake (Dr. Grant)
  • Camille Mitchell (Barbara)
  • Wonita Joy (Mrs. Hernandez)
  • Tanya Champoux (Eleanor)
  • Azriel Dalman (Charlie)
  • Andres Collantes (Deputy)
  • Jeremy Jones (Mechanic)
  • Amber Lewis (Marissa)
  • Peter Benson (Ben)

Filming Location Time For Them To Come Home For Christmas

In Vancouver, Canada, “Time For them to Come Home for Christmas” was shot. UBCP/ACTRA’s production list noted that the movie’s production manager is Geoff Dodd, the director is Peter Benson, and the casting director is Jackie Lind.

Trailer Of Time For Them To Come Home For Christmas

You can watch the trailer of the movie, feel it and if you feel like it, watch it on Christmas eve with your family.

Above is information about the movie Time For Them To Come Home For Christmas. Christmas has come, and we wish your family a warm holiday together. On the Annabel Rosendahl website, we have many items for you to choose from as a Christmas gift for your loved ones.

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