How To Make Best Felt Christmas Tree For Toddlers

How To Make Best Felt Christmas Tree For Toddlers

Decorating a Christmas tree is always a fun part of the holiday season, especially when it comes to new traditions you’re starting as a family. However, it’s only sometimes the safest and easiest activity for babies and toddlers. Because of their curiosity about everything, how do we keep our little children away from the fairy tree?

The baby is very naughty. So how do the Christmas tree decorations be safe? With felt Christmas tree for toddlers, your kids can have their tree to “decorate” all season long, and you don’t have to worry about your glass ornaments going to the trash or, worse than having someone, and sure enough, it keeps your kids happy as they attach their decorations to the tree. Let’s start with Annabel Rosendahl making Felt Christmas Tree For Toddlers.

Step By Step Process Make The Most Beautiful Felt Christmas Tree For Toddlers

In terms of materials, here’s what you need:

  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Glue Gun with plenty of glue sticks
  • A cup or anything you want to use to trace out ornaments
  • Command Poster Strips

How To Make Best Felt Christmas Tree For Toddlers

Step 1: Shopping For Items

  • The poster strips can be bought at almost any store, including Walmart, Target, and home improvement stores.
  • You can buy 1 yard of green felt off a bolt to use for the Christmas tree and then purchase individual pre-cut squares they had on shelves in the craft section in various colors to use for the ornaments.
  • We are starting with the tree.
How To Make Best Felt Christmas Tree For Toddlers - Step1
How To Make Best Felt Christmas Tree For Toddlers – Step 1

Step 2: Cut It Out!

  • First, fold the green fabric in half and trace a half-tree, the two sides of the tree to be symmetrical.
  • Tip: The folded side of the fabric is the center of your tree, and be sure you trace out from there.
  • Next, it’s on to the ornaments! Using a plastic cup (#1), draw circles on a series of squares of different colors. Do as many as you like.
  • When cutting out the circles (#2), try to cut inside the sharpie line you drew so that you don’t have a black outline around the ring. I recommend using super sharp scissors since it’s a lot easier, and you’ll have smoother edges.
  • Then, I drew and cut out a variety of “decorations” (#3) to glue on top of the ornament – things like a snowman, candy cane, stripes, stars, dots, etc.
  • I also created a little star on top of the tree (#4).
  • Finally, I took the remnants of felt to trace, cut out, and decorate three presents for “under” the tree.


Cut It Out!
How To Make Best Felt Christmas Tree For Toddlers – Step 2

Step 3: Glue It Together!

  • Use glue to glue all the decorations on the ornaments and presents – make sure to get glue on the outside of the decoration so that it doesn’t peel away later.
  • Use as much glue as possible.
  • Tip: Keep from burning your poor fingers tips with hot glue by using these finger guards.
Glue It Together!
How To Make Best Felt Christmas Tree For Toddlers – Step 3

Step 4: Hang It Up!

  • Using command poster strips will make hanging the tree easy and keep your baby from ripping the tree right off the wall.
  • Before using the poster strips, I tried using painter’s tape to hang the tree up, and it was ripped down pretty quickly by my 1-year-old. So, stick with the heavy-duty stuff!
  • I put a poster strip at the top of each branch and then several in the middle. It’s very secure, and the stems don’t flop and fold back.
  • Choose the wall you use and make sure the tree is at the right height from the floor or baseboard, and then press down on all the strips to make sure they’re stuck tightly against the wall.
  • I had to try the tree out for myself to be sure the felt ornaments stuck on it, and they did!
  • I tested taking the tree down off the wall, and with some delicate pulling, the felt will pull off the command strips, and then you can remove the command strips from the wall according to the instructions provided. Keep any unused command strips with your tree to use again next year.
How To Make Best Felt Christmas Tree For Toddlers – Step 4

Complete the felt Christmas tree for toddlers. If your child throws the ornament on it, it will fall back to the floor, but if you put the trim with his hands and “slap, pat, pat,” there will be no problem. Felt ornaments are still placed. You can ultimately make a tree to help your child learn with pictures attached to the tree. That will be an exciting lesson your child will entirely focus on and enjoy.
So you already know how to make Felt Christmas Tree For Toddlers. We hope your kids will love this toddler Christmas tree. I hope your kids can be active on this Diy felt Christmas tree for toddlers and enjoy them.

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